Islamabad-A student was injured at Islamic International University on Friday when a clash occurred between two student organisations.

The incident took place at the café where a harsh argument between two students turned into a violent act, resultantly one student received injuries.

As per the information available with The Nation, the brawl occurred between Gilgit-Baltistan Student Council students and members of Islamic Jamiat.

The injured student was identified as Maqsad Jan from Department of Shariah and law. 

The university administration while taking action confined the students in hostels for hours to control the situation. However, a student while talking to The Nation informed that the university administration intervened too late to neutralise the situation. University students also protested against the administration and chanted slogans. A university official while talking to The Nation confirmed the incident and said that administration had managed the situation.

“Yes the fight occurred and a student was injured but everything is perfectly under control,” he said. An official from the male hostel told The Nation that the incident did not occurr between two student organisations but was a scuffle between two individuals.

“The argument occurred between two students on getting a chair at the café which turned into fight,” he said.

The official also said that the student received very minor injuries and was given proper first aid in due time. “There is no tension now and the entire management is looking into matter,” he said.