LAHORE - Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Dr Umar Saif paid tribute World's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional Arfa Karim on the eve of her death anniversary.

“Arfa will be remembered as a tech hero with a progressive image of Pakistan and conveying the message across the globe that our girls have potential and opportunities to excel in any field of life. Arfa is still a beacon of light for Pakistani girls to freely come forward to serve the country,” he added.

He went on to say: “She made her entire country proud and went on to win numerous awards including Fatima Jinnah gold medal, Salam Pakistan Youth Award and the prestigious Pride of Performance Award.  She also met the founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates who invited her to Microsoft headquarters in the United States. Unfortunately, she lost her life due to epileptic seizure in 2012 at the age of 16.”

Arfa’s mother Samina Amjad shared memories of her daughter and spoke about her brilliant achievements. “Arfa wanted to do something for people of her country by providing free education to everyone,” she added.

Asif Humayun, a professor and a writer, shared his interaction with Arfa and recited a piece of poetry honoring Arfa.

Nosheen Haroon, a teacher of Arfa said: “I was in aware of her brilliance when she first joined my class. “Arfa's brothers recited pieces of poetry written by her.

A video on Arfa’s life was played followed by the recitation of her poetry.  Some of her teachers and friends also shared their experiences of interaction with the computer prodigy.  The special event was organised by the PITB’s project TechHub Connectin in collaboration with Arfa Karim Foundation.