The word Democracy is derived from two Greek words: “Demos: meaning people and “Kratos” meaning power. Broadly, it means the rule of the people. It is a form of the government where the representatives are elected by the people to take steps for their (people) welfare. 

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, democracy means: the parliamentarians taking steps for their (own) welfare such as illegal money, properties, promoting nepotism and favouritism. Transfer of power from one democratically elected government that had completed its tenure to another is the symbol of democracy. However, in Pakistan, all of its previous democratic transitions have been aborted by military coups. 

In 2018, elections see the success. It will be the longest period for which Pakistan has stayed a democracy without witnessing a military coup. I urge the government to root out illiteracy and unemployment to protect our national and constitutional rights. 


Balochistan, December 30.