This new initiative taken by Pakistan’s government of clearing all the encroachments is very good, but I always wonder why is it that with all the beneficiary decisions taken by our government leads towards more and more problems for the people. I know it is said that with pain comes ease, and this all is done for the betterment and ease of us Pakistanis. But I believe this decision of demolishing the wedding halls has left all those people who had booked those halls in huge trouble. 

We all know that this s a wedding season and marriage halls are reserved at least 3-4 months before, and advance payments which are quite a significant amount are paid; and now when suddenly some of the halls have been toppled, what are these people going to do? They are not getting there advance payments back and halls that are available on their required dates are causing a fortune to all those people who have weddings. 

If the government would have considered these things I am sure a better strategy could have been formed and executed. But again the government is just trying to prove by the end of its tenure that they had done something during their five precious years. 


Karachi, December 31.