KARACHI - The Dr Ziauddin Hospital hosted a symposium titled ‘Emergency Medicine and Trauma Management’ Saturday.

Founder Dr Aijaz Fatima inaugurated the event as chief guest and said it is a great achievement by this institution to organise such an informative symposium that would help knowledge sharing.

“We have a lot of experts for trauma. I hope all of you will go out and help trauma patients” he added.

Dr Inayat Ali Khan, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Ziauddin Medical University, said: “Time is brain, if time is lost the brain is lost.”  He was speaking on the subject of CT Head in hemodynamically unstable patients.

“Second brain injury is mostly due to raised ICP. Traumatic brain injury is a growing epidemic throughout the world and may present as major global burden till 2020. Three percent of delay can increase risk of life or molestation 30 times more”, he said. Talking about spinal trauma and its management Dr Naveed Khan, Consultant Neurosurgeon, said: “We can recover spinal injuries in first 8 hours and 25 percent of spinal injuries occur after primary injuries. Spinal injuries need good care and good hospitals for recovering.” Dr Syed Nadir Naeem spoke on chest trauma, saying: “the chest injury is a major cause of breath problem and 20 percent of all trauma patients sustain chest injuries.”