PESHAWAR - The City police arrested five suspects and seized a huge cache of weapons in separate crackdowns in various areas of the city, police said on Saturday.

Taking acting upon the information of intelligence agencies, Capital City Police (CCP) Tahir Khan under the supervision of SSP Javed Iqbal deployed police teams on various internal and external routs of Peshawar.

A policy deployed team.

In the meantime, a policy team deployed on Kohat Road near Sefan Square intercepted a truck (K-4693) and during its search, seized 121 riffles and 16,000 cartridges.

The police team also arrested two suspects, identified as Bilour and Raj Khan. During the course of interrogation, the nabbed persons revealed that the weapons were being transported for alleged weapon smuggler Pervez, a resident of Masho Khail.

Following the disclosure, the police team conducted another raid in Badhabera area and another suspect along with weapons worth millions of rupees. The recovered weapons were being smuggled in a water tanker. The other nabbed persons have been identified as Dawood s/o Fazl Rahman, Jalil s/o Bakhtiar, Naved Iqbal s/o Salabat and Farman s/o Shah Hussain.

The police recovered 274 AK-47 riffles, one G3 rifle, 76 pistols, included seven 9mm, 20 pistols of 38 bore, 32 pistol of AK-47 style, 14 China riffle 7.62 mm, rifle Dangar bore 13,11 repeater and hundreds of cartridges of deferent bores.

The police said Pervez is a popular arms’ ‘smuggler’ in the area and cases have already been registered against him in various police stations. The police have registered FIR and started interrogation from the suspects.

In a separate crackdown, the police also flag down a truck (PESH-8175) and seized weapons and ammunition. The truck driver, however, has managed to flee. The weapons were cancelled in the secret cavities of the truck. A case has been registered against them under the relevant law, police said.