Terrorism in Pakistan is becoming a major and highly destructive phenomenon in recent year. The post 9/11 war on terrorism in Pakistan has had two elements the governor’s battle with Jihad group banned after the attack in New York and the US persist of Al Qaeda usually but not always in cooperation with Pakistani forces. 

Pakistan joined the coalition to fight terrorism because of its own conviction and vital national interest. We have killed or captured more than 680 foreign Al Qaeda terrorists. We have banned all organizations that were suspected of involvement in terrorism. 

The Taliban insurgency is mainly within Afghanistan. Pakistan has deployed 90,000 troops — three times as many as fielded in Afghanistan — to interdict Al Qaeda and Taliban movement across the border. But we host 2.6 million Afghan refugees, some sympathetic to the Taliban. So, the government must take first and foremost action towards this issue. 


Balochistan, December 30.