The water crisis is the biggest problem in Pakistan where 21 million people do not have access to drinking water. It seems taken aback regarding the deprivation of hay populaces in water resources and nearly 630 Pakistani children die each day because of diarrhea disease. Mostly, in big cities such as Larkana, Karachi, Sindh, Islamabad, Lahore, etc, people confront water deficiency. It is the rebirth of corruption in the country at an alarming rate because of which people are drying from rudimentary amenities and put in the constant state of panic.

Additionally, 88% of the population in Larkana is getting unclean water, and 80% of Karachi population lacks access to clean water. Consequently, the people cannot afford to buy clean water, and the tank mafias are expanding the price of water. The government is requested to provide clean water to the citizens as soon as possible.


Turbat, December 31.