LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Senator Sirjaul Haq has said that the nation wants the solution of its problems and not political gimmick.

In a statement, he urged the government to announce reduction in prices in its next mini budget and warned that any increase in prices would not be tolerated by the people. He said that so far, the ruling party did not have any plan for documentation of economy or for improvement of the economy. He said that sucking the people’s blood through price rise was not planning but exploitation and oppression.                    

Siraj said the JI would not become a part of any game that would benefit the corrupt people and the plunderers. He said that all those who had plundered public money deserved to be in jail and not in the corridors of power. He said the government had not been able to make the accountability process effective. He said that accountability would have revolutionary results only when each and every citizen was treated under the same law. Otherwise, he said, the ruling elite would consider themselves above the law and fingers would be raised on the accountability process.

The JI chief said that the government had not provided any relief to the people during its six months rule. There had been a flood of price rise due to rise in dollar price. Internal as well as foreign investors were upset and the wheel of the economy was moving backward instead of going ahead. He said the common man was worried how the government would perform during the next five years.

He said the failure of the government’s one hundred days plan had not made any difference and due to that, the masses were being disappointed. The ministers were issuing statements that they had prepared a strategy and soon there would be a big change. However, practically nothing was being done.

JI central Punjab chief Amirul Azeem said that Corruption Free Pakistan had become the demand of the entire nation and the rulers would not be allowed to backtrack from accountability. He said the price spiral had become a headache for the people as prices of food stuff were increasing continuously.