GUJRANWALA/KHANEWAL/WAZIRABAD/ OKARA/HAFIZABAD/ATTOCK/SIALKOT/ SARGODHA/TOBA TEK SINGH-The annual elections of district and tehsil bar associations concluded across Punjab with all bars electing their new office-bearers for 2019-20.

However, in some districts and tehsils, bar elections were postponed due to clashes between lawyer groups.

In Gujranwala, Ch Shaheed Aslam Jorra advocate has been elected as president of Gujranwala District Bar Association for 2019-2020 while Rafi Tariq Bhatti and Irfan Yousaf Rai shall serve as senior vice president and general secretary respectively.

According to the election result, Ch Shaheed Aslam Jorra advocate got 730 votes while his opponent Rana Waqas Hussain advocate could obtain 607 votes only. On the slot of senior vice president, Rafi Tariq Bhatti advocate was declared successful with 1,118 votes while his opponent Munawar Hussain Ansari could obtain 399 votes. On the seat of vice president, Rana Mushtaq Ahmed Khan won the election by obtaining 1,066 votes against his opponent Azeem Bhatti who could obtain 910 votes.

On the seat of general secretary, Irfan Yousuf Rai advocate won the election with 707 votes while his opponent Mohsin Yaqoob Butt obtained 702 votes. On other seats, Qazi Hassan Farooq advocate was elected as joint secretary, Hafiz Zeeshan Ali as finance secretary, Nafeesa Tahira as library secretary and Ch Jehangir Ali Sandhu as Auditor of District Bar Association for the year 2019-2020. As the result announced, supporters of the successful candidates enjoyed their victory by chanted slogans and dancing to the beat of drums.

In Khanewal, United Lawyers Alliance won all seats in the annual elections of District Bar Association. Azhar Abbas Jhakar was elected as president and Ch Haroon as general secretary of District Bar Association.

In the annual elections of District Bar Association, there was a one to one election between Azhar Abbas and Rao Arif Khan for the seat of president in which Azhar Abbas got 350 votes and Rao Arif got 165 votes. So, Azhar Abbas won by 185 votes. For the seat of general secretary, the competition was between Ch Haroon and Altaf Hussain Bhatti. In this competition, Ch Haroon got 321 votes and Altaf Hussain got 192 votes. So, Ch Haroon won by 129 votes. Other elected members of District Bar Association included: Nighat Parveen vice president, Rao Jabir joint secretary, Tariq Mehmood Rana library secretary, Malik Abdul Ghaffar Khokhar finance secretary, Sheikh Javaid Iqbal auditor while Ch Nauman, Mian Tahir, Qazi Tahmeed, Ch Riaz, M Afzal, Farrukh Bilal, Malik Abdur Rehman, Mehr Zafar and Javaid Aslam Paracha were elected as members of the executive committee.

Malik Tariq Nonari was the president of the Election Board and while former District Bar Association president Ajmal Bhutta announced the election results for year 2019. Addressing their supporters, newly-elected president Azhar Abbas Khan Jhakar and general secretary Ch Haroon renewed their pledge to work for the betterment of the lawyer community.

Azhar Abbas Khan Jhakar urged the lawyers to be vigilant to provide their services to the clients seeking justice.

Election Board Chairman Malik Tariq Norani Advocate, member Jam Sajjad Ahmed Joona, Rana Ziaur Rehman Arif and Rana Kashif Ali Khan conducted the election proceedings of DBA Khanewal while former president DBA Ajmal Bhutta announced the names of elected office-bearers of the DBA for 2019-20.

In Wazirabad, the annual elections of Wazirabad Tehsil Bar Association for 2019 completed here. Mustansar Ali Gondal and Zaman Cheema were elected as president and general secretary respectively while Ch Basharat Ali was elected as vice president. Three office-bearers including Joint Secretary Sikandar Cheema, Finance Secretary Ilyas Ahmed Mehr and Library Secretary Zafar Naseem were elected unopposed.

According to details, elections for the seat of president, general Secretary and vice president were held in which Mustansar Ali Gondal won the seat of president obtaining 394 votes while his rival Hasnain Sadiq Sahi bagged 151 votes. On the seat of general secretary, Zaman Cheema got 305 votes against his rival Atif Hayat Chattha who grabbed 235 votes. Ch Basharat Ali Cheema, contesting for the seat of vice president, got 276 votes while his rival Nauman Shehzad Tarar obtained 268 votes. The total strength of the Tehsil Bar Association was 695 votes. A three-member Election Board, headed by Javed Iqbal Cheema, and Allah Ditta Cheema supervised the Election.

In Okara, Rai Abdul Ghafoor Kharal advocate, contesting for the slot of president of Okara District Bar Association (DBA), won the election with thumping majority. Ch Riaz of the same penal was elected as DBA general secretary for the year 2019. The bar elections were held quite peacefully in Jinnah Hall.

The police had ensured foolproof security arrangements. Rai Abdul Ghafoor Kharal advocate obtained total 631 votes for the president’s slot against his contestant Javed Ashraf Gujjar advocate who got only 431 votes. Ch Riaz advocate obtained 581 votes for general secretary’s slog against his contestant Ch Asifur Rehman advocate who got 501 votes. For senior vice president’s slot, Anwar Khan Sherwani advocate obtained 617 votes while his contestant Malik Maqsood Ahmed Khokhar advocate got 407 votes. For vice president office, Rizwan Bashir advocate got 581 votes while his contestant Akram Shaheen Dhuddi got 466 votes.

For joint secretary office, Ali Nasir Khan advocate got 584 votes, whereas, his contestant Malib Sattar advocate got 471 votes. For finance secretary office, Rabia Tabbasum advocate obtained 599 votes, whereas, her contestant Javed Akram advocate got 440 votes. A total of 1078 bar members had cast their votes. The winning president and general secretary laid their gratitude to Allah Almighty and expressed gratitude to their colleagues for bringing them so enormous success in the bar elections. They pledged to work for solution to the problems of every colleague.

In Hafizabad, the joint panel of GDA and Iqbalian won all the slots of District Bar Association Hafizabad. Rana Arif Mehmood was elected as president by obtaining 453 votes against Malik Nazakat Ali Phularwan who got 291 votes. Rai Shah Raiz Khan obtained 486 votes and was elected as general secretary by defeating Syed Asim Masood Bukhari who secured 256 votes. Other office-bearers elected were: Umar Bilal Tarar vice president, Mian Rashid Bhatti joint secretary, Sheikh Atif finance secretary and Aamir Riaz Bhatti library secretary.

Former DBA presidents Arshad Mehind, Safwan Abbas Bhatti and former general secretary Rana Mudassar Ali of GDA and Iqbalian groups congratulated all the winning office-bearers of DBA and expressed their hopes that they would continue to protect the rights of the lawyers.

In Attock, District Bar Association and Tehsil Bars Associations elected their new representatives. The bar members elected Israr Ahmed as president for the third consecutive term. Rana Istifad Ali Khan was elected as general secretary, Ashfaq vice president, Zeeshan Munir Sheikh joint secretary, Mujtaba Ahmed finance secretary and Mubeen Butt were elected as library secretary.

Pindigheb Tehsil Bar Association in its elections elected Shehzad Iqbal Bhatti as president, Sardar Siftain Khan as general secretary, Anoop Singh Jaggi as vice president, Atif Ali Qureshi as joint secretary and Fayyaz Ahmed as finance secretary. Hasnabadal Tehsil Bar Association elected Sardar Sajjad Haidar Awan as president, Shehbaz Malik as general secretary and Waqar Alam Jadoon as vice president. Fatehjang Tehsil Bar Association elected Naqi Shah as president, Mustafa Khan as vice president, Malik Saqib as general secretary, Aamir Shehzad as joint secretary and Ahmed Javed as finance secretary.

Jand Tehsil Bar Association also elected its new body. Malik Sajid Ahmed and Malik Mumtaz Khan were elected as presidents for six months each as both got 30/30 votes. Ejaz Khan was elected as vice president, Ansar Aziz as joint secretary, Najma Shaheen as general secretary, Tariq Aziz as finance secretary and Abdul Jabbar as library secretary.

In Sialkot, Ch Muhammad Raza was elected with majority of votes as president Sialkot District Bar Association (DBA) in the annual elections completed here. While, CM Aslam was elected as vice president and Malik Muhammad Shabir as general secretary of Sialkot DBA.

In Daska, the annual elections of Daska Bar Association were postponed till January 19, 2019 due to a clash between the two rival groups of lawyers.

In Sambrial, Qaisar Sajjad Cheema was elected as President of Sambrial Bar Association. While, Nasir Ghuman was elected vice president and Rana Sami Ullah was elected as general secretary.

In Pasrur, Ghulam Mustafa Bhatti was elected as President. Rana Muhammad Nasir was elected vice president and Niaz Ahmed Bajwa was elected as general secretary of Pasrur Bar Association.

In Wazirabad, Ch Mustansar Ali Gondal was elected as President, Basharat Chaudhary elected as vice president and Zaman Cheema was elected as general secretary of Wazirabad Bar Association.

In Shakargarh, Naeem Iqbal Chaudhary was elected as President and Malik Tariq Hanif was elected as general secretary of Shakargarh Bar Association.

In Sargodha, Muhammad Wasif Bhatti was elected as president District Bar Association Sargodha and Malik Ahmed Asim as general secretary during annual elections held the other day.  According to result, Muhammad Wasif Bhatti obtained 873 votes while his opponent Babar Raza Baloch got 827 votes. Malik Ahmed Asim became general secretary with 1017, Sardar Ahsan Raza Gujjar became vice president with 894 votes and Saad Ullah Khan joint secretary with 826 votes. Zeshan Aslam became unopposed finance secretary and Ambreen Akhtar was elected librarian by getting 916 votes.  The newly-elected president pledged to work for uphold dignity and honour of lawyers.

In Toba Tek Singh, the District Bar Association lected new office-bearers who are: Chaudhry Tanweer Hussain, president; Ms Sajida Latif, vice president; Rana Izharul Haq, general secretary; Rana Faisal Javed, joint secretary and Amjad Ali Randhawa, finance secretary. The DBA also elected ten members executive committee of the bar.

The newly-elected office-bearers of Gojra Tehsil Bar Association are: Sajjad Abbas Khokhar, president; Arshad Goraya, vice president; Asghar Ali Kang, general secretary; Faheem Rafiq, joint secretary; Tayyab Kahuja, finance secretary and Rafiq Goraya Auditor.

The Pirmahal Tehsil Bar Association elected new office-bearers for year 2019 who are: Rana Imran Hafeez Manj, president; Mian Zahid Thaheem, vice president; Rao Noman Aqil, general secretary; Saghirullah, joint secretary; Salim Raza, finance secretary and Mubashir Chaudhry, librarian.