LAHORE  -   Ghazala Yasmin of Garrison Golf Club emerged as the gross winner in the 1st Inter Club LLGA Ladies Golf Tournament endorsed and patronized by Mrs Ayesha here at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course on Sunday.

Ghazala attained this honor through flawless hitting and good work on the greens. Her gross score for the 18 holes was 77. Ghazala is a former national title holder and managed to prevail over her fancied opponents with an admirable performance. The runner-up in gross section was Rimsha Ijaz of Defence Raya Golf Club as her gross score was 81 while the third gross position went to Suneyah Osama of Garrison Golf Club as her score was 85.

As for the race for honors in net section, the successful one turned out to be Iman Ali Shah of Gymkhana. In the face of tough competition, she managed to take home the first net with a score of net 70. Other position holders were Maimoona Azam (second), Aisha Moazzam (third) and Shabana Waheed (fourth). Team trophy was won by Garrison Golf Club comprising Ghazala Yasmin, Suneyah Osama and Shabana Waheed.

This championship was organised by the ladies team headed by Mrs Maimoona Azam, who has recently been appointed lady golf captain of Gymkhana Golf Club. Mrs Ayesha Hamid announced that she will sponsor this event every year.

The participation was allowed to lady golfers of Gymkhana, Lahore Garrison Golf Club, Royal Palm, Defence Raya Golf Club and by invitation to lady golfers with a registered handicap. Big names like Ghazala, Rimsha, Parkha, Suneyah, Sameea Javed Ali and Ana James Gill were all there to show their skills and ability and to apply their command and control over their game.