KARACHI - The Rangers have been deployed to prevent the situation further deteriorating at the Civil Hospital in Karachi on Sunday amid brawl and clashes amongst applicants who had come for interviews for 300 vacancies.

Reportedly, the Dr Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital advertised openings and organised walk-in interviews for grade one to five. The hospital had advertised 300 posts from grade 1-5, but to surprise of the hospital administration, more than 20,000 people turned up for walk-in interviews.

Consequently, a shocking brawl erupted in front of the hospital when applicants failed to maintain their queues in order.

Initially, police officers attempted to handle the situation according to their capability, however, they outnumbered the applicants.

The administration had to call up additional contingent of police to control the massive crowd of applicants.

The cops deployed outside the hospital resorted to baton charge to push away horde of people trying to enter the hospital premises that was already crammed with applicants queued for the interview.

The applicants were required to get a slip from the OPD department area and the then head to another room for a walk-in interview.

Finally, the rangers rushed to the hospital to control the situation.

Meanwhile, the hospital administration vowed to conduct interviews for all the applicants, even if officers needed to work till 10pm.