Rawalpindi  -   Representatives of civil society on Saturday asked the authorities concerned to provide more facilities to women at Dar ul Aman in Rawalpindi to ensure their peaceful life there. According to them, in order to get free from their domestic problems that resulted placing at Dar ul Aman, now they need to spend their life in a conducive atmosphere.

Aliya Iman, a women rights activist asked to increase the sitting place for women at Dar ul Aman as due to limited seats, many deserving women cannot get admission. She said that Dar ul Aman is a place where a female can live who does not have any place for residence such as divorcees, deserted and separated women.  Another women rights activist, Sadia Naseer said that women can take shelter there.

Those females not only get shelter there but also get clothes and medical treatment as well. She said although necessary facilities are available but the administration must take care of educated women who want to continue their studies to facilitate them.  Zahida Parveen, a political activist said that a woman can now get admission in a Dar ul Aman by court orders, recommendation of an NGO or even by her own wish. When contacted, the official of Dar ul Aman said that only those females who fulfil their admission criteria can go to Dar ul Aman directly.

Those females who do not fulfil the admission criteria of Dar ul Aman in do not get admission directly and they have to go through police or court. Some times when a police officer finds a woman without any shelter they forward her to the Dar ul Aman, official said.  Some females by choice also want to go to Dar ul Aman for some reasons for example some females after doing court marriage go to Dar ul Aman just to save themselves from the wrath of their parents etc. The official of Dar ul Aman suggested that all those females who do not fulfil the criteria of admission of Dar ul Aman can hire the services of lawyer for Dar ul Aman. They said that a female should have a valid reason to go to Dar ul Aman. It’s totally up to the lawyer how good he prepares the case and how good he argues in the applicants favour.