Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has summoned to lose 10 kg if the air hosts want to continue their jobs. It is the same PIA, which had many pilots without professional degrees but unfortunately, women in a country like Pakistan have no place with skills unless or until she is thin, tall, fair and polite like Barbie dolls.

The most pathetic thing is, if I would have mentioned Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the so-called ‘Gairat mands’ in the state will criticize the girls and women working as flight attendants but not the authorities which are structurally objectifying the women.

Not only in PIA but in all other institutions of Pakistan from Family to Job sector, female are being subjugated and objectify. Many people blame media for this indecency but people with keen eyes and smart minds know from where this objectification is being portrayed.

Pitifully, this attitude of society has succeeded in the internalization of objectification and to behave as product due to which majority of women now-a-days only think about their appearance. Haplessly, if a woman is wearing modern dresses along bulk of make-up, she thinks herself autonomous and people see her as empowered.

In short, this announcement from PIA has once again supported that females are products and must behave like appealing products.


Gujrat, December 9.