The Women Development Department (WDD) of the Punjab government has become proactive in working towards making workspaces more accommodating for women. This is a refreshing new initiative which adds to the current government’s plan of making the society more inclusive. We have witnessed several female appointments in the government which is not only proving to be beneficial but also help women excel in their fields. Right now initiatives are being designed to engage women in sustainable development through social and economic empowerment. This engagement is important because the pace at which the society and the economy must progress, it is imperative that men and women both contribute towards it.

The strength of the department is that it exclusively caters to the problems faced by women in the workforce. This research facility has brought up several of the key issues. One main issue is that of starting a family and then many women cannot go out to work because there is no one to take care of children. With the introduction of the Punjab Day Care Fund Society (PDCF), workspaces will be pushed to be more intelligent and understanding of the needs of their employees and the social fabric of the society will not be disturbed as a result of the work in progress.

Another initiative is to find 100 gender champions who will take various pledges to further this goal. Introduction of any change comes via mobilisation of the civil society. What several policies have missed is not the legislation part, rather the socialisation part. If gender champions are selected, ideas will travel faster and will be the force for change. At the same time, it is important for companies to acknowledge labor laws and make the work environment conducive.