Child trafficking is now the emerging issue in the society. Children from their homes are being kidnapped and then transferred to some other country or cities for the purpose of slavery or for sexual enslavement. This act is destroying societies, most of the children are deprived of education and enjoyment of life in the very little age. The age in which every child wants to be cherished by the beauty of life, the age in which they might be safe in their houses with their families, the age in which they might be getting education, the age in which they might be getting love and affection from their parents, they become slave to do those tasks that are unethical and illegal.

Children are being brutally punished for the denial of doing unethical work and then forced to do labor work or slavery. As being the slave, they don’t have freedom to do anything by their choice. Child trafficking is developing fear in the children and parents, that is why parents are frightened to let their kids go out and play. This is the reason health issues are common in children now a days, because physical activities that are very important for health are getting reduced. Government should take notice to reduce child trafficking.