According to The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), Karachi is expected to experience unprecedented cold weather as temperature is expected to drop to 6 degrees celsius. Forecast depicts that temperature is expected to drop further during coming weekend. PMD has also debunked theory that the previous record for the lowest temperature – zero degrees Celcius experienced in 1934 – will not be broken.

The current temperature in the city is 16 degrees and is expected to reach at least 21 degrees during the day. 

In January 2011, the temperature dropped to 6.5 degrees, in January 2008, it was 5.5 degrees, in January 1991, the city recorded a minimum of 2.3 degrees and in January 1934, Karachi had the lowest temperature ever recorded, at zero degrees. 

According to PMD, the port city recorded a low of 7.5 degrees Celsius on chilly Tuesday morning, with winds blowing at a speed of eight kilometres per hour.

The PMD sources expect that the ongoing cold wave is expected to continue till January 22.