Kandhkot-          -            Most of the private schools, colleges and other educational institutes in the city have no proper space for organising sports and other events.

Owing to lack of open grounds and space, students have been deprived of the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in sports and recreational activities.

Most of these private schools and other institutes have been housed in small and rented bungalows and buildings.

It is complained that children are getting education in congested atmosphere.

Besides that limited space has also prevented the schools’ administration to plant trees at their campuses.

Apart from that, there is no provision in these schools of gates and alarms in the times of emergency.

Parents of the students especially of private schools have complained that there is no doubt that their children are getting better education in these schools and institutes, but they are facing many difficulties in these centers due to lack of space, absence of generators, proper washrooms and others.

It is also reported that over 40 to 50 students are crammed into each class, particularly in primary and middle classes, depriving the students of teachers’ attention which badly affects their studies.