LOS ANGELES - Shakira has released her first song of 2020. The singer has returned with ‘Me Gusta’ featuring Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA.

The reggaeton rap track sees the artists portray lovers who have lost the mojo in their romance.

The pair sampled Jamaican reggae fusion group Inner Circle’s song ‘Sweat’ at the beginning of the track.

Following the release of a remix of Camilo and Pedro Capo’s ‘Tutu’ in October, the 42-year-old star teased her fans that new music was on the way. She spilled: ‘’I’m just taking every input that I receive and it’s turning into inspiration. ‘’Yesterday I finished a song and I was so thrilled. ‘’So we’ll see. I just want to put music out there.’’

Sigrid to spend next few months in the studio

LOS ANGELES - Sigrid has announced she’s hitting the studio ‘’for the next few months’’.

The 23-year-old Norwegian pop star delighted fans when she revealed on Twitter over the weekend that she is going to be working on her first new music since her acclaimed debut studio album ‘Sucker Punch’.

Alongside a professional photograph of the ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ hitmaker, she wrote: ‘’brb, will be in the studio for the next few months. I’ve got new music to make! (sic)’’. It’s not currently known if the singer is working on a new album.

Sigrid previously revealed she needs to have ‘’discipline’’ when she is working or she gets easily distracted.

She admitted: ‘’I need discipline. If it’s only vibes, I get lost.

‘’It’s phone on flight mode, boom.

‘’I see it as work, you can be calculated up to maybe 70 percent. But from 70 to 100, that’s the magic. And - oooh - it’s so much fun.’’

Sigrid has a ‘’pop heart’’ and is particularly drawn to ‘’epic’’ songs that feature ‘’a big chorus’’.

She said: ‘’I have a proper pop heart. I love big singles, a big chorus, epic songs. I grew up in a dramatic place, the nature around me, it’s like a canvas.’’

Meanwhile, the ‘Strangers’ hitmaker - who enrolled in a politics course after finishing school - revealed her parents encouraged her to drop out after just two months in order to focus on her musical dreams.