The declared objectives of United States have been very clearly enunciated by President Barack Obama: "A great power [USA] does not show strength by dominating or demonising other countries. The days when empires could treat sovereign states as pieces on a chess board are over....Given our interdependence, any world order that tries to elevate one nation or group of people over another will inevitably fail. The pursuit of power is no longer a zero-sum game - progress must be shared." "We seek no bases, nor do we want to control these nations - Afghanistan and Pakistan. Instead, we want to work with international partners, including Russia to help Afghans and Pakistanis advance their own security and prosperity," were the president's words. Whereas, after the declaration of the AfPak strategy, very different trends have emerged and Pakistan now finds itself facing serious challenges to its security, such as: ? The war in Afghanistan has been reversed on Pakistan resulting into a running battle from Swat to Dir, to Waziristan and possibly Balochistan in the very near future. ? The occupation forces surge in Helmand province of Afghanistan is causing spillover effects on the ongoing operations in Pakistan. ? Israel is preparing to attack Iran, while USA and Saudi Arabia, will turn a blind eye. Thus Iran is under pressure, because like Pakistan, it refused to accept American demand for 'regime change'. ? Both USA and Russia, the "victims of the doomed war in Afghanistan" are trying to find some common areas of cooperation, within a comprehensive security paradigm, in the region, particularly South Asia. ? The Pakistani government, despite being a "Compliant State" is under pressure to concede more and allow the Americans to establish a "spy-network within the premises of Islamabad diplomatic enclave." The occupation forces in Afghanistan are facing tough resistance, which is stronger, more organised and better armed than the resistance the Soviets faced, during the 80's. The resistance now calls itself by the name of 'Shadow Army' organised into several divisions, and each division consists of number of Lashkars. The Shadow Army comprises, the old mujahideen who fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan; the Afghan Taliban, who were born and grew-up under the shadow of war; Veterans from Iraq; new volunteers from several countries of the world and the 005 Brigade of Al-Qaeda. It's a formidable force now, undertaking large size operations, inflicting heavy casualties on the occupation forces, who have suffered over 250 dead in a period of two months. How long the occupation forces will take to exit from Afghanistan, is the difficult choice, Exit they will. How and when, the next few months are crucial. The "Spy-network being established within the premises of Islamabad Diplomatic Enclave" is reported to be a big complex spread over 100,000 sq yards of space, recently acquired from the Islamabad Capital Development Authority. Construction is going-on with a break-neck speed to accommodate different departments of the complex, including over 300x residential buildings for the officials alone. The facilities and the personnel belonging to CIA, FBI, the Marines as well as the Blackwater Security Consultants (BSC) will be housed there. BSC credentials are interesting The BSC now generally called 'Blackwater' was formed in 2001, with its headquarters in North Carolina (USA). Its mission is "to provide a wide range of very specialised international services, including risk management, intelligence gathering, vulnerability assessments and high-risk security related solutions." Blackwater maintained a highly visible presence in Iraq, employing Local Independent Contractors (LIC) as mercenaries, to deliver and no doubt, they will find enough mercenaries in Pakistan, to do the job. It is reported that the Blackwater works directly under the control of the US vice president. The American scholar Seymour Hersh gives credit to Blackwater, for the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafique Hariri and also points fingers at them for Benazir Bhutto's assassination. And during the years 2004-5, Blackwater carried out numerous brutal murders in Iraq, which compelled the American Congress, out of shame, to call them back. It were the Blackwater experts, who also trained our Frontier Constabulary in 2007 preparing them to carry out such 'heinous crimes', but they were sent back by the present government. They are again back in the Islamabad diplomatic enclave. It would not be wrong to say that they are the modern version of the assassins of Hassan Bin Sabbah of the past, equipped with the most lethal technology of the day. The Blackwater is funded by an American millionaire, named Prince Eric, as well as by CIA and Mossad. One can imagine the lethality of this organisation, now working hand and glove with the vast Indian spy network, created in Afghanistan with the help of CIA, Mossad, MI-6 and BNG. Their target is not only Pakistan, but all the neighbours, particularly Iran and China. In China, the present upsurge in the Xinjiang province is the result of the activities of the forward spy base at Faizabad in Badakhshan, which I reported in my article published in our dailies, some two years back. As a result one can imagine how profusely our border regions with Afghanistan have been infested with foreign agents, assassins, saboteurs, terrorists and support groups, led by some Pakistanis, prospering on American dollars. And the new partnership, now developing between USA and Russia, will cause greater instability in South Asia in particular. Our armed forces are doing a great job and we are proud of their spirit of sacrifice and dedication to the cause of the country. They will deliver, Insha Allah. They have established the writ of the government in Swat, Dir and Bajaur areas. They will contain and curb the dissidents in the FATA areas also, and once they have done that, the dissidence in the Balochistan province, will demand only "political dispensation." No doubt, we are living through very interesting times, posing serious challenges to the resilient Pakistani nation which, sure, is capable of putting up responses to defeat all machinations of our enemies within, as well as outside the country's borders. Note: I dedicate this article to millions of Pakistani, now returning to their homes after so much of suffering and turmoil and to the men and officers of the Army, who laid down their lives, to make it possible. The writer is a former COAS, Pakistan E-mal: