MQM Chief Altaf Hussain in an open letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan has called upon the latter to solve all the problems of Pakistan including inflation, corruption, law and order and feudalism among others. Altaf Bhai who vehemently opposed the reinstatement of Justice Chaudhry in cahoots with General Musharraf is now clownishly asking the chief judge to deliver. The tenor and tone of the open letter shows his angst and frustration over the restoration of independent judiciary, which he had opposed tooth and nail. Remember the May 12 carnage and massacre of innocent law abiding people whose only fault was that they had gathered to receive their beloved judge? His mentor while addressing a meeting at Islamabad had waved his clasped fists in approval of the bloody mayhem in Karachi. Instead of issuing warnings to the top judge the MQM supreme should return home and fight for the causes he has loaded on the shoulders of others. -B.A. MALIK, Islamabad, via e-mail, July 6.