A 2.8ft rabbit who munches his way through 60 worth of food every week is bouncing his way into the record books. Benny the Flemish Giant is vying for the title of worlds longest rabbit, currently held at 2.6ft (81.5cm), by Amy, a Continental Giant who died in May. And the two-year-old is on the right track to being crowned the title if his massive diet of vegetables, biscuits and treats is anything to go by. Bouncing Benny, who needs at least 4ft of space to stretch his legs, has been living with owners Martin and Sharon Heather for the past year after being abandoned. When Mr Heather saw him at Stadhampton Animal Sanctuary in Oxfordshire he begged his wife to let him take Benny home as a birthday present. Mr Heather said: 'The staff at the sanctuary said he didnt really like people, but when I approached him he just snuggled right up to me. 'We always buy unusual birthday presents for each other and I asked Sharon if we could take him there and then. 'We had never seen a rabbit as big as him, but after the way he was Sharon agreed and since then we have loved having him at home. The couple say Benny is completely house trained and loves nothing more than nuggling up to the dog on the sofa. - Daily Mail