KARACHI - The devaluation of rupee against the US dollar and other major currencies gave a bumper benefit of Rs 195 billion to the exporters in the last financial year. Despite 6.67 per cent decline in exports in the US dollars, the exports surged by 16.27 per cent in rupees from July-June 2008-09. The exporters received Rs1.391 trillion in last fiscal as against their earning of Rs1.196 trillion in 2007-08. Although all the segments of the society are unhappy with the performance of the PPP government, but the exporters must be thankful to the rulers, whose policies led to about 30 per cent depreciation in the value of rupee. Despite energy crisis, law and order situation, high mark up, economic meltdown, the additional income of Rs 195 billion ($2.43 billion) to the exporters in FY2008-09 must not be counted as a small benefit. Meanwhile, in June 2009 the foreign trade continued to show erosion as exports and imports contracted by 20 per cent, 17 per cent, respectively. From March to May 2009, the exports and imports depicted 20 to 30 per cent decline every month and the trend of erosion on foreign trade continues unabated that might linger on economic slowdown in the country. In June 2009 the exports fell to $1.537 billion, from $1.908 billion in the same month a year ago while imports fell to $3.339 billion last month, from $4.023 billion in June 2008, showing 17 per cent. The trade deficit squeezed to $1.801 billion last month as compared to $2.115 billion in June last year.