KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistans Chief, Munawar Hassan, said on Monday that supremacy of the Constitution alone would help establish the writ of the government. Neither change of the rulers with another pro-U.S. ruling elites nor the military operation can help solve any problem in any part of the country. Policies that are made against the letter and spirit of the Constitution are root cause of the problems, therefore midterm or full-term elections are no solution to the problems, the JI Chief Munawar Hassan said at a press conference at JI Karachi office. He said that the misrule of the pro-US parties has pushed Pakistan to the present critical juncture adding that United States meddling into Pakistans internal affairs couldnt be brought to an end without restoration of supremacy of the Pakistani Constitution. He said that the rulers had considered them indebted to the U.S. and another possible ruler was waiting to replace present one through the U.S. support. On the Presidential Ordinance about the petroleum products, he said that it was a conspiracy aimed at confrontation between the Supreme Court and the Government. He said that present government was following the footprints of ex-President Musharrafs government by choosing to confront the S.C. PMLNs chief Nawaz Sharif opposed the imposition Carbon Tax but I want to ask him, what his parliamentary party did to oppose the carbon tax in the Parliament. Why they didnt oppose there, he asked. He said that PML-N too was supporting the United States policies in Pakistan and it is an anti-people policy. Condemning the recent target killings, he said recent killings of political workers in Karachi showed there was no government in Sindh. He stressed on the need to address the issue of the target killings in Karachi so that peace could return to Karachi. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had announced return of the IDPs to their homes from July 13th. Now I ask why the internally displaced persons have not been asked to return to their native areas from July 13, he asked. He said that government was trying to expand the military operation to Southern Punjab and Mian Channu blast would help government to justify that operation. A former ambassador of the U.S. first used the term of Punjabi Taliban and after him Rehman Malik on the record said that more than 8,000 militants were present in Southern Punjab, he cited. He said that the government wanted military operation in Southern Punjab because the U.S. administration wanted so. He said that this would help create anarchy in the country and after that the U.S. would destroy Pakistans nuclear assets. Recent attacks of the U.S. and the NATO forces in Helmand province of neighboring Afghanistan are a conspiracy to mount pressure for expanding their operations to Balochistan province of Pakistan, the JI chief claimed. He added that now the U.S. wanted to start drone attacks in Balochistan and recent operation in Helmand province was first part of that conspiracy. Indian government is also involved in the unrest and anarchy in Pakistan. They supported the terrorists for unrest in Pakistan through their five consulates in Afghanistan, he reiterated. Munawar Hassan asked the government to formally record protest with India against their Machiavellian role for anarchy in Pakistan. He asked the government to support the movement of Kashimri people against Indian state terrorism and brutality. He said that Kashmiris had launched their protest but it was not enough; they needed support for their legitimate struggle