KARACHI - A meeting of the Board of Directors (BoD) of Karachi Stock Exchange will be held on Tuesday (today) to discuss a number of market issues including the topic of future trading and margin financing. According to market sources, forward counter will be made operational by the end of this month, while 10 products will be made available for future trading, mostly state-run stocks present on NIT and EOBI portfolio such as PTC, PSO, OGDC, KAPCO, NBP and SSGC. It is also learnt that the rate of margin will be fixed to 18 per cent and the management of the Karachi Stock Exchange has given the proposals to the BoD. Moreover, it is also expected that matter of ready board leverage product will also be discussed as market participants were desperately looking for a solution to this serious problem. Market is reaching 8,000 mark as sky is more or less clear. The possibility of reinitiating of deliverable is likely to take place by the end of July of beginning of August. But the question is whether deliverable future will resolve the liquidity issues pertaining to investment or a new form of CFS may be introduced with a new name. We will see whether Tarins comment will last or not, so we have to wait and see, said Shahid Ali of Habib Metropolitan Financial Services. The current market move can be attributed to the expected results of various companies. The inflation numbers are not as disappointment as it was expected, he further said. Market experts are of the view that the absence of CFS MK-II has disturbed the business activity at the stock market and the delay in introducing a new product is further causing loss to the investors. Benchmark 100-index has shown range-bound activity in the past few weeks and market have witnessed limited turnover ranging between 90 million shares to 200 million shares depending on the market sentiments. Investors at the market are nervous and they are keeping themselves away from heavy investment activities, said a stock broker adding, we are hopeful that the management of the stock exchange and the authority will soon find a proper solution to this limited trading motion of the market. SADIQ RIZVI