WHATEVER else might be on the agenda of the NAM conference to be held on July 15-16 at Sharm El-Sheikh, for Pakistan an important event would be the meeting between Prime Ministers Yousuf Raza Gilani and Dr Manmohan Singh on its sidelines. Mr Gilani must press hard for the resumption of the composite dialogue that was stalled after the terrorist incidents at Mumbai. Islamabad is not allergic to the idea of putting the accused on trial, provided New Delhi provides evidence credible enough for the case to proceed in a court of law, which it has been shying away from doing. Yet it never stops reciting the mantra of court trial whenever the question of composite dialogue is raised. The only conclusion is that it is trying to exploit the international opinion against terrorism and is using Mumbai as an excuse to put it off. It is a pity that India does not realise the potential of good neighbourly relations with Pakistan for the progress and prosperity of the people of the Subcontinent. In the meantime, a serious question of the appropriation of Pakistan's share of water by India has been added to the list of pending disputes, including the core dispute of Kashmir. We would expect Mr Gilani to forcefully take up the issues of Kashmir and water that is imperilling the country's entire agriculture-based economic structure.