KARACHI - The PPP-led government seems confining itself before public wrath as its long-time affiliation with the public is losing its grip constantly. The PPP, an accomplished national party in olden days, now being considered as an unchained knot as they are falling quite short from their proposed public agenda. The budget of 2009-10 has collapsed at large with the public dreams & desires from the PPP government. The repute graph of the Pakistan Peoples Party was struck extensively with the announcement of the present budget. Till now, nothing is clear from their modes and strategies about the future of this 'group of four provinces. At one side, their sky high advocacy for the development of economy and stability of country seems mocking upon their schemes as nothing has been clearly mirrored to the nation whether its the inflation causes or the power shortage, security issues or foreign policies, agricultural boost or industrial strength. With the tragic death of Benazir Bhutto, PPP faced a leadership crisis beside many other consequences in the country. Sooner, the leadership issue was solved when it was announced that in her will, Benazir had named her spouse Asif Ali Zardari as her successor. However, Zardari transferred the responsibility of PPP chairperson to his son Bilawal Ali Zardari, who changed his name as Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. President Zardari, whose past needs no introduction, was declared unwillingly as the new leader of the PPP. Although during the election campaign and after his coming into leadership, the party clashes between the senior party members were all ears at large. Anyhow, Zardari took the oath of the presidentship of Pakistan. Presently, the PPP has put all its promises down as they have failed to provide some relief to the fading populace. Inflation, which has been riding the middle and lower class for the last many years, now at its final moves to slaughter the public. The aggressive start of PPP government was considered to be the end of PML-Q politics of favouritism, however, the PPP proved it through its proceedings that the royalty needs no compromise for another chance, so they had replaced PML-Q and dilemma of the nation will continue its illusions. Pakistan has been unsympathetically imposed to the mounting problems of terrorism, power shortages, inflation, law and order situation and at large, the incompatibility of the rulers, which has always given preference to their personal benefits and motives rather than the countrys pride. The recent clash between the ruling democratic government and the Supreme Court over the petroleum prices drew an evident line of discrimination between their approaches about the public interests. The judicial ordinance to reduce the POL prices proved to be a sturdy healer for the public. But, right within its next 24 hours, the presidential ordinance to switch the POL prices to the earlier position, seized the instant relief. The government claimed that the imposition of carbon tax on POL products would serve as a vital key to their revenue generating projects. However, they do not even bother to throw light as how they will generate revenue when power outages are a routine, inflation has no proper shape, more than 60 per cent of the industries have shutdown, businesses are shrivelling, and the conditions are intentionally being made deteriorating for the common man to live. Petroleum has always been used as a whip in the governments hands as its roots have gripped every basic necessity of our life like commodity, grocery, transport fares, while leaving no area of life unshaken in its presence. The major objection that comes on the credit of present government, is to present an indistinguishable picture of their revenue generating plans and imposition of taxes, however, they are far away from the understanding of the common man. Why our rulers feel pain to inform the public about their felonies. Whereas, its the same faces who feel proud to impose smashing thunders to the already wrecked masses. Basically, Zardari is not a politician rather a businessman and has been playing the same way. He has a team of 3 ministers (Interior, Information, and Law) who play crucial role in implementing all his decisions and strategies to achieve his goals. Even sincere PPP workers are upset with his non-political and non-factual attitude. This way he is dumping PPP political career into deep mud. The already troubled masses, striving for more than 60 years, have now finally reached at the doorstep of devastation. There is no life left in nations tattered body. If the conditions continue likewise, then there will be nothing astounding, as soon the public will change the directions of their guns towards Zardari instead of Musharraf because people had voted to change the system and end crisis, but PPP has just replaced the PML-Q.