ISLAMABAD - The expansion in Punjab cabinet is likely in the next couple of weeks and in this connection Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has completed the spadework and has also asked Pakistan Peoples Party to forward the names of their candidates to be inducted in the cabinet as per agreement reached between the two coalition partners. The sources within the PPP Monday disclosed to TheNation that a couple of weeks back, Senior Minister in Punjab government Raja Riaz held meeting with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani at PM House and apprised him of the problems being faced by PPP MPAs in Punjab government as junior coalition partner. Following the meeting with Raja Riaz, Premier Gilani contacted Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to discuss the matters relating to the coalition in the province. On the other hand, sources in Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) disclosed that the delay in the cabinet expansion was due to the PPP which had not forwarded the names of their men to be inducted in the Punjab cabinet in second and probably the final phase of the cabinet expansion. These sources further disclosed that on a number of occasion Shahbaz Sharif had made it clear that he would keep the Punjab cabinet small and the ministers number would remain under the figure of 40. The sources further told that earlier the Punjab cabinet expansion was likely by 10th of July but now it would take another couple of weeks to accomplish the task, provided the chief minister would get the list of nominated persons from the PPP side. The sources said that after the restoration of the Punjab government both PML-N and PPP remained estranged with each other for quite sometime but later, after the series of both overt and covert negotiations, it was decided that PML-N would keep the PPP in government as its junior coalition partner and would adhere to the 60-40 formula of power sharing at all levels of governance. Under the formula, PPP would have a total of 13 slots in the Punjab cabinet with seven of its ministers already working in the Punjab government and in this phase it would be getting another six ministers and so far the party had not forwarded the names to the Punjab Chief Minister. On the other hand, PML-N would be getting the remaining of its share of 14 ministerial slots out of which some four to five portfolios would be dished out to the forward bloc of Pakistan Muslim League(Quaid) which had withstood with PML-N during the stormy days of Governors Rule and not succumbed to both enticement and pressure.