All lawyers know a bit of the art of bol-bachan the power to prove a point with mere words. Some are mediocre at it, some good, some others a little better. The top ones are usually the best or one of the best. I would rate Babar Awan to be as good as Aitzaz, at least in bol-bachan if not in legalise. Nonetheless, Mr Awans (often too poetic) articulations in the late night interview with Najam Sehti on 12-7-2010 lacked the lustre of logic and legalise that wins conviction. He was totally political, political even while citing the law and events, which he turned with out a twinge to taint the way he wished, just as any lawyer would do in lower or higher courts. Najam Sehti was sadly lacking in constitutional expertise to appropriately counter-question him or may be he acted so with the intention to save himself the blushes. Mr Sehthi used Nawaz Sharif for a shield a lot in putting questions to him. Regarding the point Mr Awan made about no revolution coming from Raiwind, he himself is no champion of the middle or lower classes. Nor can he be anything more than he is even if he bathes in rose waters or dons the most elegant and expensive of suits. -K.B.LEGHARI, Quetta, July 12.