It is disturbing to see such a large chunk of Punjabs Annual Development Programme being spent on uplift and development of the Greater Murree Project. I appreciate development of a hill station but shouldnt the CM Punjab be spending his precious funds on other, more pressing priorities which I propose in the following; I think the most important priority for his province right now is provision of energy. The shortage of energy is daily causing closures of industries and factories, rendering thousands of people unemployed and ruining the economy. An equally pressing priority is to deal with the growing menace of terrorism that is taking the lives of hundreds of innocent citizens of his province on a daily basis, making new widows and orphans. What is he doing about that? The government of Punjab has also not done enough to create safety nets for the extremely poor of his precinct. A monthly allowance to the unemployed or a stipend for needy student or a widow can help them survive the bad times we are having. Why no such scheme has been laid out by the Punjab government? How can a family survive when the family head or an earning hand is perished in a bomb explosion or any other accident, or due to an illness or debilitating disease is unable to earn? Leisure spots in mountains are fine for good times but in the present terrifying circumstances, who has the time for leisure? The CM needs to prioritise and must have better vision and use of his time than planning parking plazas at Jheeka Gali. -SAIRA MALIK, Lahore, July 13.