The final of FIFA World Cup match between Spain and Holland on July 11 was mediocre and much below the international standards of soccer. It left a very bad taste in mouth, especially as the solitary goal scored by Andres Iniesta of Spain looked nothing but a fluke. It ended everyones misery though, by closing the match. There were no great passes, no magnificent kicks or skillful dribbling of the yore to evoke the sort of excitement one associates with a football final. Hollands tactics and behavior on the field were deplorable. The team collected scores of yellow cards and a red one also for their persistent fouling and rough, negative football. At times, some Dutch players were kicking other players harder than the ball itself. The Dutch had played with similar abrasive tactics against Brazil too. The comments of Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk underscore the attitude of his team. He said: I would have loved to win the match, even with not so beautiful football. Yes it was rough at times but that is part of football. I think most spectators would disagree. The Dutch players must realize that winning a match is great but it is even more important to win hearts of the spectators and the opposing team through an exemplary show of sportsmanship. The World Cup has been a marketing bonanza and a boon for manufacturers of sporting goods, foods, beverages and the travel industry, besides of course the manufacturers of this irritating, rasping little thing called a Vuvuzela. This bizarre instrument has been source of the nightmarish din that served as background music of every game although, if you ask me, it belongs to a tribal battle in jungle fought with spears rather than a spectator sport. My last (sad) thoughts on this World Cup are that it did not produce the spectacle of a virtuoso talent like Pele, Maradona, or Ronaldo at his brilliant best either. All one is left to remember is Shakiras Waka Waka music and dance that shall entice for a long time. -HAMID MAJEED, Lahore, July 13.