ISLAMABAD Family of a blast survivor has been landed into deep trouble for mistakenly identifying the strewed leg of a suicide bomber involved in Data Darbar incident, as a leg of their close kin. According to details, the family members of one Abdul Raziq, who survived Data Darbar blasts, have been nabbed by security agencies. Abdul Raziq is a mentally retarded youth who was living in the vicinity of Data Darbar. He went missing after Data Darbar blast had taken place on last July 1. Raziqs family members comprising his brothers Rasheed and Sajid left for Lahore from their hometown Namli Maira village, Abbottabad, in search of their brother, soon after the blasts at the aforesaid shrine. When Rasheed and Sajid reached Lahore, some eyewitnesses to the blasts incident informed them that their brother was present when the blasts had taken place. Upon hearing this, both the aforementioned individuals presumed that their brother was dead and mistakenly identified a strewed leg of a deceased as the leg of Abdul Raziq. Fortunately, in the meantime Abdul Raziq had returned to his ancestral village Namli Maira safe and sound. But unfortunately, the identified leg happened to be of a suicide bomber and the security agencies nabbed Rasheed and Sajid suspecting their close links with the bomber. Both the persons in discussion have been missing since then and are reportedly detained by the intelligence agencies despite the fact that it has been well established that they had mistakenly identified the leg of a suicide bomber and their real brother had reached home safely. Aslam Tarin, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), Lahore, informed this journalist on Tuesday, after inquiring from concerned police officials, that the brothers of Abdul Raziq were not in the custody of Lahore Police. He said that Lahore Police did not nab any person hailing from District Abbottabad. On the other hand, it has been learned from informed sources that the brothers of blast survivors are in the custody of a civilian intelligence agency, the sleuths of which are out for 'extracting some important information from both the detainees. Some family members of Abdul Raziq informed TheNation that Rasheed and Sajid went to Lahore in search of compensation amount that Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif had announced for the families of deceased in Data Darbar incident. Both of them were reportedly living in extreme abysmal conditions hardly managing to get both the ends meet. Rasheed was a waiter at a restaurant in Nathiagali while Sajid was a peon at a low-lying enterprise in Karachi. The poor men identified the bombers leg in pure innocence, perhaps in 'quest of a 'quick buck, one of the family members told TheNation .