ISLAMABAD Joint Action Committee of Haj Quota Affectees (JAC-HQA) on Tuesday alleged that the Ministry of Religious Affairs in a bid to 'intentionally sabotage the July 28, 2010 Apex Courts decision has added some conditions, which could not be fulfilled, for new Haj tour operators in Haj Policy 2010. The representatives of JAC-HQA levelled these allegations while addressing a protest rally here on Tuesday in front of the National Press Club. They were of the view that minimum one and a half years experience is required to get the membership of IATA, which Ministry of Religious Affairs was demanding within a period of one month, which they termed as a sheer injustice. They alleged that Ministry of Religious Affairs has included two conditions in MoU that it had signed with the Saudi Govt regarding Haj operation just to keep new Haj operators at a bay. They said Ministrys representatives had pledged with the Supreme Court that it would award quota to all respondents in this Haj season, but the MoU they had signed with Saudi Government was contrary to promise they had made with apex court. They demanded of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Prime Minister of Pakistan to assure the implementation of recommendations made by the apex court.