TEHRAN (AFP/Reuters) Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, who claims he was kidnapped by US spies, surfaced at Tehrans interests section of Pakistans embassy in Washington DC on Tuesday to declare Americans losers in the long-running saga. Iranian state televisions website said Amiri had taken refuge at the interest section, which is overseen by the Pakistani embassy in Washington, and added he had asked for a quick return to Tehran. Amiri soon afterwards told the New York reporter of the channel by telephone from the interest section that the Americans had wanted to try to resolve the affair quietly but had failed, the website said. After the release of my interview on the Internet and the disgrace for the American government over this abduction, they wanted to quietly return me to Iran by some countrys airline, so that while denying the whole thing they can put a cap on the abduction, Amiri said. But in the end they couldnt. Since the day of the release of my remarks on the Internet, the Americans have seen themselves as losers in this saga, he said, adding that in the past 14 months he has been under intense psychological pressure and was constantly being watched by armed people. In June, a man claiming to be Amiri was shown in two separate videos broadcast on Iran state television. In one of the videos he said he had escaped from the hands of US agents in Virginia. Pakistan confirmed that Amiri was at the Iranian interest section in Washington and that steps were being taken for his repatriation to Tehran. Doctor Amiri appeared at the Iranian interest section ... what we understand from the Iranian officials there is that they are making arrangements for his repatriation to Iran, Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman Abdul Basit told AFP in Islamabad. It was not clear if Amiri sought refuge at the interests section or had been handed over by US officials. Irans interests in the United States are managed by the Pakistan embassy as Tehran and Washington have had no diplomatic ties for more than three decades. Basit, however, said that Amiri was not on the Pakistan embassy premises but in the Iranian interest section which ia located some distance from Islamabads mission. US State Department officials were not immediately available for comment. However a US official said that Iranian nuclear scientist Shamram Amiri turned up at Pakistans embassy in Washington on Monday and has decided to return to Iran of his own free will. Mr Amiri has been in the United States of his own free will and has decided to return to Iran of his own free will, the US official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The official said Amiris situation was different from US citizens, including three hikers, who are in Iranian custody without charge. They should be released immediately and allowed to return to the United States, the official said. Amiri is awaiting travel documents from a third country through which he plans to travel on his way back to Iran, according to the official. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that the Iranian nuclear scientist who has taken refuge at the Pakistani embassy in Washington should be allowed to return to his homeland. We hope that, without any obstacle, he can return to his country, that they (the United States), do not create any obstacle for his return to his homeland, he told a news conference in Madrid. We have received the news that Shahram Amiri, who was kidnapped in Saudi Arabia... has appeared recently in the United States and that he has sought refuge at the Iranian interests section at the Pakistani embassy, he added. The minister, who was speaking through an interpreter, said Amiri had asked to return home. Iranian officials have long maintained that Amiri was kidnapped by US agents from Saudi Arabia last year after he arrived for a Muslim pilgrimage. Iran last week said it had submitted evidence to the Swiss embassy that Amiri was abducted by US intelligence agents. The Swiss embassy manages Washingtons interests in Iran. On June 29, Iranian television screened a video of a man claiming to be Amiri and saying that he had managed to escape from the hands of US intelligence agents in Virginia. I could be re-arrested at any time by US agents... I am not free and Im not allowed to contact my family. If something happens and I do not return home alive, the US government will be responsible, he said. I ask Iranian officials and organisations that defend human rights to raise pressure on the US government for my release and return to my country, the man said, insisting he had not betrayed Iran. US officials have dismissed the allegations in the Iranian broadcast. Amiri disappeared in June 2009 after arriving in Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage. Iran accused US agents of abducting him with the help of Saudi intelligence services. US television network ABC reported in March that Amiri, in his early 30s, had defected and was working with the Central Intelligence Agency. The ABC report said that US agents described the defection as an intelligence coup in efforts to undermine Irans controversial nuclear programme. Amiris disappearance was part of a long-planned CIA operation to get him to defect, ABC reported. US officials have rejected these allegations. Iran has summoned the Swiss ambassador in Tehran at least twice over the matter and demanded the release and repatriation of Amiri along with 10 other Iranian nationals, whom it says have been illegally detained in the United States.