LAHORE - Director, Customs Intelligence and Investigation Juneid Akram has said that they have moved a proposal to the government for joint work with Motorway Police to counter the activities of drug-dealers. Addressing a Press conference at FBR office on Tuesday, he informed media about the achievement of catching big consignment of drugs including 138.5Kg charas and 12.6Kg Opium from Motorway. He said Ameer Nawaz Khan of 61 years of Malakand Division was arrested on Sunday last when he was travelling on a Toyota corolla car with fake number plate having big delivery of narcotics for Lahore and Bhai Pheroo. The director said the accused has admitted three trips made earlier to deliver narcotics and also made certain disclosures about his accomplices, which however need to be kept secret at this stage of investigation. He said they were informed about this big shipment from some confidential (underworld) sources and in response, customs superintendent Mohammad Ijaz with his team arrested the accused at the station of Shamkey Bhattian with local currency. According to Additional Director FBR Mukkarm Jah the local value of these narcotics is one million. Juneid Akram said they were facing difficulties as they were not allowed to check any vehicle at Motorway while they were unable to check at all exit points. He said Anti-Narcotics Force is responsible to save the society from drugs but the FBR is also actively playing its role in this regard.