LAHORE - Over 120 judges of the subordinate judiciary including civil judges and additional session judges observed strike on Tuesday against hooliganism of the office-bearers of Lahore Bar Association (LBA) and the judges did not agree to sit in the courts despite day-long efforts by the LHC registrar to defuse the lawyers-judges tension. The strike is expected to continue until Sessions Judge Zawar Ahmed Sheikh is allowed to sit in the court. The judges had gone on 15 days strike in support of the sessions judge whose fate still hangs in balance after the LHCs decision to stop him from holding his court for few days. However, in a press statement LHC Registrar Abdul Sattar Asghar claimed the judges of the subordinate courts in Lahore after meeting with him announced to call off the strike. The registrar visited all lower courts and held parleys with the protesting judges at the session courts and persuaded them to end their strike in the larger interest of litigants who were suffering due to the judges strike. Sources said the registrar told the judges that strike could earn bad name for judiciary and hinder the process dispensation of justice. Earlier, the lower courts in the City including sessions courts, Model Town courts, Cantt courts and Aiwan-e-Adl courts remained in the grip of tension as the judges spent the whole day in meetings and conferences over their 'humiliation by the lawyers on Monday and did not hear cases. It is said some of the judges held courts for few hours in the morning but later the protesting judges asked them to join the strike and they respected the request for showing solidarity with their community. However, the lawyers remained divided over the Mondays incident at the session courts in which lawyers of LBA besieged D&SJ Zawar Ahmed Sheikh and other judges and dishonoured them in their chamber besides kicking and pelting their vehicles. Perhaps it was the reason the lawyers remained divided in two groups in the general house meeting of Lahore Bar Association on Tuesday and the session could not be held. One group chanted slogans against LBA President Sajid Bashir and other office-bearers calling them as corrupt and dishonest. They levelled serious allegation against Sajid Bashir and his team. They paid tribute to the honesty of Sessions Judge Zawar Ahmed Sheikh who refused to accept their illegal demands. While the supporters of Sajid Bashir chanted slogans against the sessions judge whom they disliked for his allegedly disrespectful attitude towards lawyers. Sources told The Nation the judges of lowers courts were still adamant to carry on their strike till D&SJ Zawar Ahmed Sheikh is not allowed to sit in his court. It is yet to be seen whether or not they resume their work on Wednesday (today) on the request of LHC registrar. The litigants who came to the lowers courts in the City were disappointment and they had to return home after hearing the tale of clash between lawyers and judges.