ISLAMABAD The members of Parliamentary Committee on National Security while deliberating upon the resumption of Pak-India composite dialogue were astonished when they were informed that there was no record or details of the 'track-two diplomacy carried out by both states side by side with the Composite Dialogue during Gen Musharraf-led regime. The members of the Parliamentary Committee were informed during the briefing given by Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs and his team that Indian side wanted to resume the dialogue process where they had left it after the Mumbai attacks. At the same time they are desirous to open the 'track-two channel, which is considered as an effective tool to hammer out a number of contentious issues side by side with the official talks. During the previous government led by President Gen Pervez Musharraf, the backdoor channel was opened and former diplomat Niaz Naik and the then secretary National Security Council Tariq Aziz represented the Pakistani side and had a series of clandestine sessions with their Indian counterparts to narrow down differences between the two sides. The sources in the Parliamentary Committee informed when some of the members of the Committee asked about the progress made by both states through the back-channel contacts, the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that they had no record of those meetings. It was then proposed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the record of the backdoor meetings with India should also be maintained so that the same could be used when and where required by the Government. It was further proposed that Government should also make India realise that the terrorist acts like Mumbai attacks by non-state actors should not come in the way of the dialogue process and by ceasing the parleys under the influence of such events, both the states would only harm the cause of durable peace in the region - a dream of people living in both the countries.