Sindh province has seen abrupt rise in the tribal feuds and dacoities during the last two months. Ineffective policing and an inept Rangers, that has been acting like a silent spectator of late, are the cause. That has emboldened the outlaws. The recent ferocious feud between Magsi and Qambrani tribes in Garhi Yaseen of district Shikarpur claimed more than thirty lives, with scores more injured. The reason, of course, is the abundant proliferation of sophisticated weapons in the area. Earlier, the people of Sindh had witnessed a visible reduction in the chronic tribal feuds and incidence of dacoities just after the PPP-led coalition governments were formed in the province and centre. But recently, Sindh and in particular Karachi, has seen a new flood of arms. The low cost and ease of availability of arms has escalated the tribal conflicts, intensifying violence and crime which has now become a real threat to social development as well as stability of democracy and good governance. I appeal to President and Prime Minister both to direct the authorities concerned to de-weaponize the province and ensure more effective policing. -HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, July 13.