LAHoRE - Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Punjab (President Elect) Dr Ashraf Nizami has said that no disputed person would be allowed to be appointed as PRO to vice chancellor at UHS by nepotism and through back door. In a meeting with the delegation IPH students of session 2009 here on Tuesday, he said UHS would not be allowed to play havoc with future of IPH students. On the occasion, the delegation led by Dr Athar apprised the president of that dean presented herself unlawfully as subject specialist of different papers while setting, assessing and auditing but the same was not in conformity with her specialization as admitted in Punjab Health Department. The students said this was a gross deviation from well-set principles of examination system and the lady has focused her be elevated as PRO to vice chancellor of UHS through favouritism. They also alleged that dean IPH has presented herself as professor of epidemiologist, bio-statistics, clinical immunology and public health on different occasion, which was beyond the comprehension as she was only professor of preventive paediatrics in records of Punjab Health department. Dr Ashraf Nizami said PMA has already received serious objections on status of MD/PhD pattern degree of the dean. He said the question under investigation with committee was how the Swedish version of MD diploma has been changed as PhD in English translation. Dr Nizami also handed over papers provided by students to chairman Enquiry Committee Dr Izhar Ahmed Ch.