It is painful to see certain elements of our own media constantly hacking at our nationalism and trying to merge the two separate nations of India and Pakistan who have nothing in common except a horribly stark past. Our cultures, values and traditions are poles apart from each other. Their customs are as alien to us as ours are to them. We have always been at loggerheads in history and even though our ancestors lived together, they were fighting most of the time. Never were they completely at peace. How can we now be at peace when things have also changed such a whole lot in our own short history of animosity in the last sixty years? The 'Aman Ki Asha is just a pipe dream. Those having hopes and dreams from it shall soon be disappointed. We know very well that India can never let a stable Pakistan be. Even at the time of Partition, it did its best to derail the newly-founded country even though it had become an established fact of Asias geography. India obstructed us every step of the way and it is through our steadfastness as a nationthrough struggle and sacrificesthat we sustained ourselves. Even now, the desire to have an unstable Pakistan, destabilise it if it can, tops the Indian agenda. The blockade of our waters by building of dams on fountainheads of our rivers by New Delhi are the latest in its plans to destabilise us. By building dams on rivers in Kashmir and Afghanistan, India is doing 'water terrorism against us. The Indian occupation of Kashmir since the last 62 years and the reign of oppression and brutality being unleashed there by Indian forces shows Indias visceral hatred of Muslims. India has several consulates working in Afghanistan and from where; it constantly launches covert operations against Pakistan. The large caches of Indian weapons found by the Pakistan Army in Swat and FATA are incontrovertible evidence of Indian funding of the so-called Pakistani Taliban and this alone should be enough to convince our people of the horrible intentions that fester deep in the recesses of Indian mindset. Similarly among the most ambitious of Indian operations that are currently underway is the move to separate Balochistan from Pakistan by supporting the Balochistan Liberation Army. Despite providing dossiers to the Indian Prime Minister at Sharm El-Sheikh summit, and repeated subsequent reminders to the Indian authorities of proofs turning up of their secret involvement in Balochistan, the Indian activities have continued unabated. Also, the Indian hand in recent target killings in Karachi cannot be denied. Those who still advocate friendship with India with an 'Aman Ki Asha, and say that peace is inevitable for the two countries, need to remember that peace can only be between equals. We cant afford peace at the cost of our sovereignty. -BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, July 13.