The row on water between Sindh and Punjab has reached the boiling point. This is just a war of words but if something is not done to resolve the dispute, we might actually have a real war on water between the farmers of two provinces. Look at the tragedy we are facing; the Kabul River, Swat River, Chitral River, Haro River and Soan River are all overflowing their banks at present when the monsoons have only just set in. But there is no reservoir between these rivers and the Indus to join them, say at Kalabagh, from where all the excess water could be drained downstream, through South Punjab and interior Sindh, into the Arabian Sea. Even the blind can see dire and urgent necessity of a reservoir somewhere between these raging waters and the sea but those that dont just dont. The PM says all problems have a solution and so the water problem will have a solution too but he cannot see the solution right under his nose, for fear of the Benazir Brigade in Sindh led by Sassui Palejo. India usurped three of our eastern rivers and now Sindh is usurping the Indus which alone can make up for the eastern rivers we lost to the Indians. North Punjab and South Punjab lost Ravi and Sutlej and now they stand to lose the Indus also. The World Bank had thought Pakistan was one country where if one part was deprived of water, the water from other parts of country could be made available to it. That was important as the part being denied had 80 percent of the countrys total agriculture. Obviously the World Bank was wrong. It did not know it was building the Tarbela dam for Sindh alone. Now Sindh is demanding its pound of flesh even as Punjab bleeds to death. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, July 13.