BRUSSELS (APP) - A delegation of Young Parliamentarian Forum led by Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Faisal Karim Kundi visited North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Headquarters on the invitation from Public Diplomacy Division of NATO. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen political dialogue and to create greater awareness among elected representatives of Pakistan about NATOs role and engagement in Afghanistan. A comprehensive briefing was given to them on the ongoing NATOs operation in Afghanistan. The discussions were devoted to the developments of the situation in Afghanistan and insurgency over boarder with Pakistan. Special emphasis was laid on NATO-Pakistan relations especially close ties and collaboration with Pakistan, as Pakistan is the key partners for stability of the region. NATOs assistance to Pakistans earthquake hit areas in 2005 and subsequent efforts for rehabilitation were highlighted. Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Climate Change, Piracy and Cyber Crimes are the challenges NATO is confronted with today. The Young Parliamentarian Forum delegation stressed that military operations alone will not provide a long-term answer to creating a secure and peaceful environment in the area. A comprehensive approach, involving all stakeholders, massive reconstruction of the region and poverty alleviation is the solution for a successful outcome of the international engagement. The delegation also gave Pakistans point of view on the security situation in the region as well as Pakistans proactive efforts at establishing peace in the region. Dilating up the deteriorating situation as a result of air strikes, the Parliamentarians called for a politically and economically stable Afghanistan so that the process of dialogue may get a chance to restore peace in the area. They also reiterated Pakistans stance that a stable and peaceful Afghanistan is in the vital interest of Pakistan. The members of delegation represent all political parties including PML (N); PML (Q); ANP and PPP. During their stay in Brussels the delegation will visit Supreme Europe Allied Headquarters (SHAPE) and will also attend briefing at Kashmir Centre, Brussels.