ISLAMABAD (APP) - The country would start generating electricity through Thar coal gasification by next year, official sources said. A project has almost been finalized to produce electricity by utilizing Thar coal reserves, which are one of the five largest coal reserves in the world, they said. The Thar coal reservoirs has the potential to generate 5,000MW electricity for at least 800 years to meet the growing energy demand of the country, the sources added. They said inexpensive production of electricity would bring an industrial revolution in the country, putting it on consistent path to progress and prosperity. The sources said that the project has been approved by the concerned quarters after which a technical team comprising experts of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and National Engineering and Scientific Commission is all set to achieve the national goal of making the country self-sufficient in energy sector. They said during next eight to ten months the process of making gas from coal would be started, while the electricity generation through coal gasification would hopefully start by the next year. Under the project, they said, the coal would not be mined rather plants would be installed on the deposits to produce gas in a most sophisticated manner. According to a report, a single reserve in Thar has about 850 trillion cubic feet coal (TCF), which is far better than the total oil reserves of Saudi Arabia and Iran if put together. The coal deposits in Thar can change the fate of the country if utilized in a proper way. It can save oil import bill, reduce unemployment ratio and help strengthen economy and rupee, according to Pakistan Economy Watch. The sources in Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) told this agency that PMDC could make the country self-sufficient in power sector within two to three years besides it has a potential to generate $ one billion every month. We guarantee, if proper attention is given to coal and salt sectors, $ one billion can be generated every month, they said. They said billions of Rupees are being spent on import of furnace oil used in power generating units, adding this foreign exchange could be saved by upgrading quality of coal. They regretted that in spite of having such a huge reserve, the country is importing 145,000 tonnes coal every year to run its power generating units. They said negotiations with Kahuta Research Laboratory (KRL) were underway to upgrade quality of the existing coal and its proper utilization for power generation. KRL has ensured their full cooperation in the upgradation process of coal, which will help provide cheaper energy to cement factories, steel mills and power generating units, they added.