LAHORE - Foreign experts at The Nation forum on Tuesday were dissatisfied with the Presidents recent visit to China and they termed it as an unsuccessful move in achieving national and regional goals. On a dialogue under the title President Asif Ali Zardari visit to China and its Outcome held at Hameed Nizami hall, they were of the view that though China was ready to cooperate with Pakistan in every field yet our rulers had never explored these opportunities to their best. Ex Ambassadors Javaid Hussain, Admiral (r) Javid Iqbal and Head of Jamat-e-Islami Foreign Affairs Department Abdul Ghafar Aziz were speakers on the occasion. Javaid Hussain said Pak China friendship had strategically affected the issues of Afghanistan, Kashmir and central Asia and their strategic partnership was in the interest of both. He described the three aspects of the Pak China friendship as strategic, economic and cultural and stressed the need to focus more on the economic aspects. Both the countries have mutual trade of worth $ 7 billion and the need is, to enhance this amount of bilateral trade, he said and added the Chinas contribution to international export was over $1.3 trillion but Pakistan China trade ratio was very low. He said China always backed Pakistani view point on Kashmir and other issues with India and our government also should have good ties with China to ensure this cooperation of China on these issues in future also. Similarly, he added Pakistan should explore Chinas technical expertise to solve the energy crises. At the same time he stressed the need in exploring of our own means and resources for the development and prosperity of the country. Javaid Iqbal was disappointed with the President visit and said that the rulers lacked the vision and the courage to disagree with the US policies towards Pakistan at a time when China was all out to support Pakistan. He said the US wanted to isolate China, Iran and Russia and was using Pakistan as an instrument in achieving its interest in this behalf. He said control on the resources of the region was the paramount interest of America, and Pakistan has to get thicker with China in order to save its own interests in this game. He said there should be strong consultation with China on the issues of Indian involvement in Blochistan, Black Water presence in the country besides, Chinas support to solve the energy crises. He also criticised the presence of Presidents daughters during China visit terming it as 'Kingly behaviour of the ruler class. Abdul Ghafar said President visited chine five times within the period of two years but could not achieve a single goal in the interest of our country. He said China wanted to help for Thar Coal project but the government could not take benefit of this opportunity and accepted to suffer the scourge of loadshedding and energy crisis. He said China had also concern over our Afghan policy and the government mercenary services for the US but our rulers never discussed these issues with China. He said China was offering unlimited opportunities for us but our rulers were afraid of America and were not making use of the same.