LAHORE Despite directives from President Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to their respective Parliamentary parties to pass a pro-media resolution, it was strongly protested by a large majority of the Punjab Assemblys legislators on Tuesday, who made it a matter of prestige for them to backtrack from earlier stance on the same issue. As per Assembly sources, it was with great difficulty that Punjab Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah managed to convince Assembly members from PPP side and those belonging to his own party to support the resolution; as majority of them thought it would be tantamount to backtracking from the first one passed against the media. Long discussion on the subject took place among the legislators in the lobbies, but they failed to evolve consensus over the issue. Later, a joint meeting of Parliamentary parties of PPP and PML-N was held in the committee room to sort out the differences. The legislators from the two parties expressed their reservations about supporting a pro-media resolution, just a few days after passing a totally different resolution on the same subject. Besides some PML-N members, PPPs Nazim Hussain Shah, Ashraf Sohna and Major (Retd) Abdur Rehman vehemently opposed the pro-media resolution, saying it was a matter of prestige for them. They believed it would be a clear backtracking from their earlier stance and tantamount to a complete surrender before the media, which was not acceptable to them. PPPs Maj (R) Abdur Rehman even went to the extent of saying that he was ready to resign in support of Sanaullah Mastikhel, who had moved the first resolution. Some of them opined that Punjab Assembly should not take a U-turn unless media was obliged to tender apology for what they called unfair comments about Parliamentarians in newspaper editorials and various talk shows on news channels. Rana Sanaullah, who was spearheading the move, managed to silence the dissenting voices from his own party, but could not prevail upon PPP members, the most vocal among them being Nazim Hussain Shah from Multan. After long deliberations and persuasion by the Law Minister, the Parliamentarians finally agreed to support the resolution provided there was no mention of the earlier resolution in the new one. As agreed, it was confined only to lauding medias role in restoration of democracy and judiciary without any reference to the Fridays resolution. However, majority of the members left the House at the time of voting, as hardly a 100 members out of total 371 were present in the House at the time of voting. The Opposition also supported the motion though amid protest for not being allowed on Monday to present a similar resolution in the House. It may be recalled here that at the time of passage of the first resolution, a good number of Assembly members irrespective of their party affiliation had supported it besides delivering anti-media speeches before its passage. But when they were asked to approve a pro-media resolution, most of them expressed their unwillingness. Commenting on Tuesdays resolution, many Parliamentarians thought it would have been difficult for the Treasury to get it approved had it not been passed by voice vote.