ISLAMABAD Differences between Prime Minster Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and Finance Minister, Dr Hafeez Sheikh over appointments of the commissioners in Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has caused delay in the Policy Board meeting that was scheduled to be held in the last week. Well-placed informed on Tuesday TheNation that Finance Minister Dr Hafeez Sheikh has refused the summary approved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan for appointments of four commissioners against vacant positions in the SECP. In the approved summary three members were chosen from outside and one was from the SECP internally promoted staff. The reason for not entertaining the PMs approved summary is that the Finance Minister wants to hire some competent commissioner so that they can run the countrys business watchdog effectively and efficiently, the sources added It may be recalled here that the Finance Minister also mediated between the sitting chairman SECP and the commissioner sometime back, as they were in clash with each other since long. It was agreed that the Policy Board meeting would be held under the chair of the Secretary Finance. It was also agreed that the preference would be given to the internal candidates of the SECP who have experience of the years. After the refusal of the summary for induction of the approved persons, the Finance Ministry seems reluctant to hold the Policy Board meeting to appoint the commissioners in the SECP. However, it is said that the heavy weight investors and brokers were still using their influence to refrain the authorities from making an effective management of the SECP, the sources added. Certain quarters believe that the interference of those influential forces has deprived the SECP of its management. Delay in the Policy Board meeting and in appointing the commissioners in SECP would cause irreparable loss to business regulatory organisation.