LAKKI MARWAT The Elementary and Secondary Education department has started preparations to send a group of scouts of government schools to Takkya (Abbottabad) to attend a training camp there. The arrangements to this effect are in final stage and efforts are being made to persuade schools administration to ensure participation in the scout camp by dispatching scout scouts of their respective schools, said District Scout Secretary Aslam Marwat in a statement on Tuesday. Mr Marwat also a director physical education in GHSS Abdulkhel said that the schools intending to participate in the scout camp had been directed to deposit entry fees of Rs 1900 per scout with him before July 19. The scouts will set out for Takkya from GHS No.3 Michenkhel, Lakki city, on the night of July 24", he maintained, adding that entry fees collected from the schools will be spent on expenditures like boarding, travelling, and supply of two times meal, breakfast and other food stuffs to the scouts. He directed the scouts to bring uniform, clothes and other essential items of personnel use along with them to the training camp. He also directed the scout leaders to motivate the scouts of their respective institutions to attend the training camp in Takkya (Abbotabad) enthusiastically.