ISLAMABAD (APP) - During the financial year 2009-10, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered 3,027 companies. According to a statement issued by the Commission, out of these, 324 companies were registered during June 2010. By the end of the financial year, the total corporate portfolio had reached 56,119 companies, it said. The incorporation of 3,027 companies during FY 2009-10 consists of 2,803 private companies, 151 single-member companies, 44 public unlisted companies, 26 associations not for profit, 2 companies limited by guarantee and 1 foreign company. The new registration of 324 companies in June 2010, includes: 298 private companies, 6 public unlisted companies, 16 single-member companies and 4 associations not for profit. The sector-wise classification of 3,027 companies registered during FY 2009-10, reveals trading as the most flourishing sector with 460 new registrations, followed by services with 399 companies. The other sectors wherein significant number of companies were registered include construction with 234 companies, information technology with 223 companies, Hajj and Umrah services with 142 companies, communications with 129 companies and food and beverages with 123 companies. Of the 324 companies registered during June 2010, the highest number of 38 were registered in the services sector, followed by 37 companies in the trading sector. In addition, considerable number of 26 companies was registered in Information Technology, 23 in Hajj and Umrah Services, 22 companies in construction, 16 companies each in food and beverages, and communications, 13 companies each in tourism and textile and 11 in power generation sector. The authorized capital and paid up capital of total 3,027 companies registered during FY 2009-10, is Rs39.07 billion and Rs6.47 billion respectively. The share of 324 companies registered during June 2010, in these total amounts are Rs4,368.60 million and Rs788.17 million respectively. During FY 2009-10, a total of 915 companies have raised their authorized capital with the total increment of Rs162 billion, and 1,268 companies have increased their paid-up capital with total increase of Rs140 billion. Of these, during June, 2010, 137 companies increased their authorized capital with total increment of Rs6.9 billion and 182 companies raised their paid-up capital with the total increment of Rs 9.8 billion.