WASHINGTON The United States didnt kidnap from Saudi Arabia an Iranian nuclear scientist who has taken refuge at Pakistans Embassy here, a spokesman for the US State Department insisted Monday. A man identifying himself as Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri said in an internet video that he escaped US captors in Virginia and is on the run. Iranian state television in early June released a video reportedly from Amiri where he says he was kidnapped in a joint Saudi-US operation in Medina while he was on a pilgrimage. Tehran says the man was tortured by the CIA. PJ Crowley, a spokesman for the US State Department, said, The United States has not kidnapped him from Saudi Arabia. ABC News in March reported that Amiri defected from Iran and was working with US intelligence agencies investigating the Iranian nuclear programme. In his latest video message, the man who said he is Amiri says he is not free here, warning the US government that it would be held accountable if he was harmed. Crowley told reporters in Washington that he had no knowledge of the situation. I do not know where he is and I cant comment on the particular charges because I dont know where he is, he said. And I dont know the circumstances of what hes doing wherever he is. In Islamabad, Pakistani Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said Shahram Amiri took refuge at the Pakistani embassys Iranian interests section in Washington and is seeking to return home to Iran, The New York Times reported. The spokesman said Mustafa Rahmani, head of the Iranian interests section, is making arrangements for (Amiris) repatriation back to Iran. Basit said neither the Iranian nor the US government has asked Pakistani authorities about Amiris demands. Since Iran and the United States dont maintain diplomatic ties, the Pakistani embassy in Washington acts as host for the Iranian interests section, providing visas for travel to Iran and other consular services for Iranians in the United States. Amiri disappeared during a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in June 2009. At the time of his disappearance, he worked at Irans Malek Ashtar University. The Iranian government charged the CIA kidnapped Amiri and the US government has been silent, The Times said. Irans state-run satellite broadcaster, Press TV, said Amiri had reportedly taken refuge in Irans interest section in Washington, urging an immediate return to the country, The Times reported. Press TV, quoting other state broadcasters, said Amiri sought refuge a few hours ago. The Iranian broadcaster quoted an audio message obtained by Irans intelligence sources as saying the scientist was offered $10 million to appear on a television news channel to announce that he had willingly defected to the United States, The Times said.