ISLAMABAD - The subscriber base of WiMax and EvDO services of WLL sector has registered growth rate of 73 percent in the last 6 months jumping from 190,947 in October 2009 to 331,416 in April 2010. According to latest estimates of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), WLL has shown encouraging growth while the rest of the telecom industry is relatively facing a sort of glut. According to the officials, the PTA is fully supporting the telecom industry and making efforts in all possible ways to help operators. It is helping operators through workshops and by establishing expert groups on development and launch of value added services. PTA is supportive of mergers and acquisitions, and has been approving such requests on case-to-case basis. The Infrastructure sharing between the operators, pursuing cases with the Government to standardise procedures for obtaining NOCs from various federal/provincial government departments for deployment of infrastructure and to reduce taxes on telecom services are some of the areas where PTA has supported operators.